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From .. YOGYAKARTA .. Presented :

FOREX Trading Secret, up to 90% WIN!!
Very significant
to boost up your equity!





New York






Abu Dhabi

(The proof of forex trading result, at least to 90% win, is seen below).

Following is a forex trading result, at least to 90% win
Using Metatrader 4 and Marketiva






























Guided by 8 year-experienced Mentor in forex trading
an alumni of Master of Management of Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia.

Private Course Fee : can be paid up to 3 times of installment.
The installment is submitted : before each private course started.

Members residing outside Yogyakarta/outside Indonesia,
or due to distance and time or health problem.
Private Course may be presented through CD/Compact Disk media;
and sent by post service .

Learning Module will be bilingual, Indonesian and English
Additional post service charge will be IDR 100,000.

Payment can be made through: Wire Bank, Pay Pal, Liberty Reserve & Western Union.


Every Private Course participant :

will be individually guided until becomes the winner in forex trading, up to 90% win!

Training Period = 3 sessions,
2.0 hours for each session.
In case after 3 sessions, any uncertain information is available,
follow-up consultations can be conducted through Yahoo Messenger (YM) or phone call or SMS.

The private course can be done at your home, boarding house, your office
(with requirement: 3G/Speedy/tower/wifi network connection).
However, it is preferably held at Warnet (Internet Café)
that is backed up with Genset (Avoiding power outages and keeping more stable connection).



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The materials involve:

- Understanding Forex Trading,
- Forex Broker, Opening forex trading account,
- Choosing safe and reliable forex brokers,
- Making deposit into forex broker,
- Making withdrawal from forex broker,
- Strength and Weakness of forex trading indicators,
- Bonus: forex indicators
up to to 90% win (not a robot / not ea ),
- The
90% Winning Strategy: Best Time to Buy and Sell,

Super Bonus Special !!!
(3 Bonus Very Special for you) :



1st Bonus :
Trading Strategy without any indicator at all, ... but the result is : 90% win !!!




2nd Bonus :
- Trading forex strategy at the Forex News comes out :
90% win !!!



I'll tell you where the market moves out, ... 05 minutes before the news comes out !!
You don't neeed to see the actual price (from Forex Factory/bloomberg !!!)
You don't neeed to see the previous and forecast price from Forex Factory/bloomberg !!!)

All you need is : What is the strategy to beat the Forex News ??

I'll tell you : How to do it .. so you gonna get a 90% Win !!



3rd Bonus :
- The Strategy if you already open a (floating) position
& suddenly the News Forex comes out :
90% win !!!



The 3rd Bonus is : The strategy if you already open a (floating) position ..
but suddenly the Big News Forex comes out ....
What should you do ???
Don't do the cut lost !!!
Don't let the minus increase (because of the news comes out !!)
Don't let the margin call comes out (because of the forex news/wrong pisition !!!)


This 3rd Bonus is intend for :

if you already made a Buy (floating): but the Big News comes out & it seems to Sell !!
if you already made a Sell (floating): but the Big News comes out & it seems to Buy !!


Payment can be made through:
By Cash,  Wire BCA Bank, Pay Pal, Liberty Reserve & Western Union.

Only for a :
IDR Rp 3.5 juta / USD $ 424,-


......... . ... .

The CD will be sent to your home by Post Office
after payment has been received/ credited to my account.



Best regards and success:

Mr. Eko.

Copyright (c) 2011 http://www.kursus-forex.com

Call/Sms : Pak Eko : 0274 - 2660266

Motto : Cara terbaik untuk belajar forex trading adalah bertanya dan belajar dari yang sudah berpengalaman di forex trading